The Middlesex and New Haven County
4-H Fair

farms animals by a wooden fence include: rabbit, sheep, llama, cow, horse, goat, rooster and pig

drawing of farm animals by Stephanie

A New Fair Season

With apologies, our 2021 4-H Fair will not be open to the public. (Friends and family of exhibitors, will have pre-registered to attend the Fair.) We are planning a smaller fair that will concentrate on evaluating 4-H member projects. Our 2021 4-H Fair weekend is the first full weekend in August: Friday the 6th, Saturday the 7th, and Sunday the 8th. We look forward to seeing you again in 2022.

For a listing of the many agricultural Fairs in Connecticut, look to The Association of Connecticut Fairs.

The Hartford Courant has this update on Connecticut Fairs, dated April 30, 2021.


Opening Ceremony

Read the welcoming speech prepared for this year's 2021 opening ceremonies.


New Video

Fresh from Fair weekend: Marianne, Kendall and Cade have created a collection of interviews and posted it to UConn Extension's YouTube channel.

interviews on video

4-H and 4-H Fair updates continue on the 4-H Fair facebook page

@middlesexnewhaven4hfair on Instagram, is where you can follow some of the postings as we celebrate the Fair.

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